My name is Beornn McCarthy.

I'm a literature scholar and longtime student, which gives Literary Change its focus on books and knowledge sharing.

I'm a former higher education academic and professional, which gives Literary Change its commitment to lifelong learning.  

I'm a social change consultant, and founder of the animal advocacy group Open for Animals, which gives Literary Change its focus on purposeful welfare and social impact.

I'm the busy father of a young child who doesn't sleep well, which gives Literary Change its erratic character.

I created Literary Change to provide a space for my literary spare change. It may be a side project, but it's a glorified one. Think of this place as your sea change, only literary. 

What you'll find is:


  • a miscellany of personal reflections and perspectives;

  • small works of literature;

  • reviews;

  • desultory theories of change;

  • things that catch my interest;

  • little essays on anything and nothing;

  • Anything and nothing involves the skill and art of letters.

In short, Literary Change is a blog. 

E-Mail: contact@literarychange.net